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This web site is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I am not going to claim to be an expert at any aspect of the outdoor world, but what I do have is more than 40 years of experience. I am confident, competitive, creative, persistent, and dabble a little in philosophy. If you ask for my advice or opinion, I will respond. I have a great sense of humor and love making people laugh. I look forward to meeting more friends and helping each other succeed.

I have shot competitive archery, have my own archery shop, build my own arrows, and I work on my bows. I was the first person in our archery club to shoot a turkey with a bow. The following year, I won our clubs first turkey contest. I have never shot a turkey with a gun and I am the proud owner of a turkey royal slam. I am not against hunting turkeys with a gun, I just love bow hunting. I have introduced several people to turkey hunting, guiding them to their first birds, including my daughter Brooke. Brooke is my favorite hunting companion and will be featured in, as well as host, of some of our videos. We have a blast and get giddy when we are hunting together.

I shot my first deer with a re-curve bow at age 14. One year, I shot 8 foxes, all but one fell to spot and stalk tactics. The Cross Fox pictured was spotted from a half mile away and I stalked to within 35 yards before taking the shot with my trusty 222 Rem. The trapping experience I obtained as a water trapper has helped in my becoming a better hunter.

In recent years, I have become more trophy-oriented to add more of a challenge to the sport. It doesn’t mean I think everyone should be a trophy hunter. I have eaten many tags, but tags don’t taste as good as a yearling buck. In recent years, I have decided to start filming my outdoor experiences. It has evolved from dabbling to dedication to capturing the footage. Please page through my photo album to view some of my valuable memories.

I currently support and donate to:

  • Good Will
  • The LCMC (Lutheran Church)
  • The Arthritis Foundation
  • The United Healthcare Children's Foundation
  • Cancer Research
  • Local Fund Raisers.

I intend to promote and donate time to hunt for the hungry, disabled hunters, catch a dream, etc.

As time goes on and updates are made to this site I hope to sell and promote the products that work for me and give tips for DIY projects. I intend to promote donating to Hunt for the Hungry programs and other charities across the country including Goodwill, the LCMC (Lutheran Church), the Arthritis Foundation, the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation, cancer research, and local fundraisers. We also donate some time each year to help with disabled hunters, catch a dream, etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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